Welcome to housetidy.co.uk here you will find items for sale and given away from various house and garage clearances. Items are listed in volume so if more information is needed use the contact form on the listings to message the seller of that clearance directly. You are encouraged to rummage and bundle up on items as this not only saves postage costs but can prevent some items from just getting binned. There are lots of free bits so why not add one of those to any purchase? View free items here*.

Wow! lets rummage!

Rummage Coin

A discount system that allows you to use your collected rummage coins for discounted purchases.

Rummage coins are rewarded to you for rummaging on the website or spinning the wheel of death rummage. You will need to be logged in to receive rummage coin. You can redeem up to 1000 rummage coins at any one time. Rummage coins are not valid during live clearance events.

I’ve heard enough I want to start rummaging!

Purchasing or making offers: Single or bulk

Single Offers

On most items, there is a make-offer option. Use this to make offers on any individual item, they will either be accepted or countered. If your offer is accepted you will be sent a custom link to the reduced price for you to check out. Items can still sell during this process.

Wow, lets Rummage!
  • * Lots of items on this site are free, however, before you can add any items from our free section there is a £3 minimum that has to be in your cart. TIP! You can bypass having to look for items by using the surcharge button. In addition, all items have to go through the checkout process even if free as this keeps the inventory and management of the website automated.

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