Welcome to housetidy.co.uk - online clearance sales and events.

There are lots of useful bits and items for sale. You can purchase any time as normal. However, we hold a weekly sale that reduces all the items so you can bundle up and grab more bargains. Use the wishlist button to keep a track of your own items.

Technically, this website is a marketplace as we needed a way to separate clients house clearances from each other. However, the main shop bundles everything together. You can view each of our client’s house clearances separately here.

For speed, everything that we (housetidy) list has a default postage.  This can mount up, so we’ve added some coupons to allow you to tweak the postage to the right amount.  We don’t want you to go below our minimum but please use following codes on checkout to get the postage to the right amount after that. post1, post2, post3, post4 or post 5. Will deduct £1-£5 off respectively and can be combined. Max postage is set to £20. Pickup is always preferred if you’re local.

Every Sunday the prices are reduced so you can get even more bargains. Raffle ticket included with every purchase which will be drawn on Sunday just after 2 pm. view raffle page for more info


Not wanting to waste things and a keen desire to repurpose and reuse things brings as well as making a bit of coin bring this site to you.


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