Shipping & Collections

This is a multiple locations website with multiple Sellers so please note where you are collecting from. Our Main shop collections are always welcome – address at the bottom of the page. If anyone of our users or us on their behalf are holding an online clearance event the collections address will surely be from there and will be clearly noted.

Postage Cost & Do It Yourself Fees.

To allow items to be listed quickly a standard fee is made to all items when they are uploaded. This of course is hit and miss depending on what you buy. It is capped at a certain amount, each seller can cap their own ceiling, but it could still work out unfair for you the buyer. This is why there are some global discount coupons created. So please use those to tweak your own postage. Please don’t go below the minimum £5, as the order won’t get processed. however, if you’ve bought a few things and have been charged £20 quid postage by all means bring that down to what any reasonable person would think would be right. The Codes are post1, post2, post,3 post4 and post5. They each remove some cash and can be combined so you would be able to reduce to the correct amount.

Different Sellers Postage & Rules

Please review any sellers postage and delivery costs on their listings.
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