Rummage Coin

Rummage coin is pretty straightforward. Once you register your name and a valid email address you’re pretty much good to go and will start accruing points/coins. It’s a great way to test out the website, once you have enough rummage coins you can purchase as you would normally up to 1000 coins. However, You cannot use rummage coins for postage costs.

How to Gain Rummage Coin

The main way is just browsing the website however you need to be logged in for this to be rewarded. There are other ways such as referring friends which you must use a specific link to work. You can get up to 100 coins/points per day and you can redeem a maximum of 1000 at any one time. You cannot use rummage coin to pay for postage. However, you will still be able to checkout and just pay postage or collect.

Partial Payment is accepted at checkout, have a few practice rummages to test it all out.

PointsRedemption equivalent* (this site)
maximum of 1000 points can be collected and exchanged at any one time.
*No cash equivalent.

Rummage coin With bulk offers/single offers, sale items or postage.

Rummage coin cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and negotiations made. For example, if you have made an offer on an item or a bunch of items that have been accepted. It would not be cricket to then checkout with your points too. The idea of the points is to incentivize you to look through all the items on the site and reward you with discounts. Now get some books bought or something!
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