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  • Shipping & Collections provide online house clearance pop up events to help you with your big move or decluttering project. We provide you with a simple online presence where you can list all your items free of charge in one place. You can cross-promote all other items that may have been listed elsewhere too. This can allow you to organise and cross-promote sales and even give away items along side 

Not much too it really, you can either add your own items on line




Pop Up Sales events are coordinated with house moves & similar scenarios They are conducted within the time frames as instructed by the seller. These events are intended to combine sales along with giveaways to ensure no perfectly useable items are thrown away or wasted without attempt first.

How to use this website - Fixed Shop and Pop Up Event Shops


Collections - Deliveries & DIY Postage

How to Purchase – Offers – Bulk Offers – Coupons

Most items have a buy it now options so you just go ahead and checkout. Chose the postage or collection option best for you. You can tweak postage costs with a coupon code (see checkout).
Single item offers. Use the make offer button on the single item page.
Bulk Offers – if you want to take our pants down even more use the add to quote button. You can then visit the Bulk Quote page and send us your offer for all the items you have added.t

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