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Housetidy provides online house clearance events and sales to promote efficiency and reusability when moving home or clearing out. Our events benefit both sellers and buyers by providing the platform to cross-promote your large and small sales; even when your items are listed elsewhere. Browse some house clearance items or register your house clearance today! or whenever you want 😉

Housetidy provide both a fully managed service (we can do it for you) and a semi managed. Users can create and upload all their own listings and sell in your own online house-clearance. It will be up to you to coordinate your sales, collections and postage etc. Some features, such as the price drop events have to go through the back end admin. However, pretty much everything else is at your disposal, checkout, sales, coupons, promotions  etc. 

For those wanting a fully managed service including uploading and listing your items please drop us and email at [email protected] and we will arrage this.

Integration with other selling platforms

With Housetidy.co.uk you have the option to use the platform as a catalogue (display your items) a selling platform (sell directly on this site) or a combination of both. It does not matter what other platforms you use they will be displayed and then a link will take the buyer to where the item is actually for purchase. This would still allow you to coordinate and host your own online house clearance but at the same time maximising the sales reach.

This is especially useful with eBay as all your live eBay listings can be displayed alongside other items you may have chosen to list on this platform. However, every item can be listed somewhere else and just displayed here.

FEES – Semi managed users

Any purchases that go through the website are charged at 10%. Obviously, everything that you sell that is for collection and dealt with in cash is yours. There are no other fees or setup fees.

FEES – Fully managed

Contact us to discuss your requirements. A daily rate for photography and cataloguing as well as the standard 10%. This can be discussed through our contact process.

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